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Rain rain go away, or if you ARE here on our wedding day…


I know there will be many of you in panic mode now –

“Why is it raining so hard? It’s June! It was so hot last week now I’m pulling out my winter boots and coat!!! My wedding is quickly approaching, what do I do!?”

You’ve spent the last 18 months planning this day to a tee and the ONLY thing there is no control over is this unpredictable weather we have at the moment!

Worry no more I have “Got It Covered”, I have put together eight top tips to make sure your day runs smoothly whatever the weather:

rain wedding

1. Speak to the venue

You may not have discussed the issue of rain with your venue when booking a June wedding, are you outdoors? ย Do they have a back up if any of their resources are weather permitted? Do they have any extra indoor function rooms that can be made available to you?

2. The Dress

I spoke to Bridal Barn boutique owner Rachael Hall who advised purchasing an umbrella (see below for my recommended supplier) she also says “make sure your groom holds up your dress, protecting it from dirt and water, after all it is his job now to look after bride and her attire for the rest of her life!” I have to agree with her here!!

3. Hair and Make Up

Think about any last minute make-up changes, most make up artists will have a range of waterproof make up to save your day, the last thing you want to be worrying about is make-up running down your face mid photo shoot! How about opting for a stylish up-do to prevent a rain ruined look? Speak with your stylists in the days running up to your wedding, if you think this weather isn’t going to improve, they may have an idea in mind for you.

4. Photography

Unexpected rainy wedding days will most likely have already happened for your photographer so they will have a back up idea, if they haven’t shot at your venue before why not try and arrange a quickย meeting and take a look at the indoor spaces available for your group shots? If they can’t make it over, forward on some images and put your mind at rest. This will also save time on the day!

5. Entertain children

They might get a little restless in one room all day, if you were planning on the outdoors to keep them occupied and it’s now not an option, what can you do? Activity packs are always a great start, but how about asking their parents to bring along any portable DVD players/iPads, a small game incase they do become unsettled?

6. Waterproofs

Noo, not your cagoule! Think about taking a pair of wellies along, match them to your colour theme or even the traditional green pair will save ruining your heels if you do take part in any outdoor shoots, the best part- nobody will even know you’re wearing them if your dress is long enough!

7. Umbrellas

If you’re brave enough to battle through a shower to get your outside photographs head on over to The Umbrella Shop for some quirky umbrellas, my favourite has to be the “Keep Calm We’re Only Getting Married” style, but the classic clear bird cage style is also a great prop to keep your guests dry while they smile! With a dispatch period of 24 hours I’d highly recommend this site to any of you rain worriers!

8. Embrace it!!

It really isn’t the most important thing in the world, whatย matters the most is you get to marry the love of your life in front of your family and friends and promising to love each other for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in rain or shine…. ok, maybe we made that last bit up but you get the point!

wedding rain


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